Nest of wires.

Nest of wires.

At the front lines of a collapsing society.

At the front lines of a collapsing society.

True facts.

All humans are humans, regardless of belief or temperament. We are all stuck here with each other, so let’s just all make the best of it. 

Yep, time to turn off the “Anonymous ask” feature on my page again.Apparently I’m “oppressing” people by just existing. This shit is sad and pathetic. GG tumblr. 

Yep, time to turn off the “Anonymous ask” feature on my page again.
Apparently I’m “oppressing” people by just existing. 

This shit is sad and pathetic. GG tumblr. 

The future of self-awareness.

The future of self-awareness.

How do I ignore someone?


What happens when I ignore someone?

  • They will not be able to see your posts on their Dashboard.
  • You won’t see them listed in post notes or Dashboard notifications.
  • You will also not receive any messages from them.

Will someone know if I’ve ignored them?

We don’t tell users that you’ve ignored them, but they may figure it out themselves.

How else can I protect my privacy?

Even though you can’t password-protect your primary blog, you can make specific posts private by selecting “private” in the “publish now” menu when you create or edit a post. If you’re using the Bookmarklet, you’ll find this option in the Advanced area.

Attention: Entities that continually assail my askbox with Anon messages filled with hate and bile daily. 

I implore you to follow the above steps to increase your enjoyment on Tumblr. 

However, I will not cease posting things I enjoy on this site, because as I’ve always stated: “I post stuff on here for myself, because I enjoy it”. 
This is my collection of photos and things I dig, if you don’t like it, don’t like me, or whatever please, please! Just block me before sending 25 messages of harassment to my inbox. I’ve got like 50 something messages of hatemail in there from what looks like 2-3 people. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Thank you, 

Anonymous asked: It's very problematic that you appropriate Japanese culture in the form of cartoons (Typical white man-child bullshit). You have your own terribly lame and boring culture whiteboy leave the Japanese cartoons to the Japanese. Need I remind you of your crimes in WW2 when your people rounded up and placed Japanese and Asian Americans in concentration camps in AMERICA? I'm sure the Japanese find you sick and twisted, go fuck off and leave other cultures alone.

Anonymous asked: Listed on my masterpost of cishet hatemonger shitlords online. Please, please, please remove your ability to breed or kill yourself. We don't need ANY MORE straight white males ruining the planet for everyone else. Seriously, you're not needed AT ALL!

You can unfollow, or block me easily with tumblr’s easy to use settings. 
I don’t know what I’ve done to offend you so badly, but at least you can take some easy steps to avoid me entirely on here to prevent any other perceived injustice or insult. 

Anonymous asked: I hope your genitals rot off and you are made to suffer for the injustice you do to POC and women. Cishet shitlord thunderdouche!

Anonymous asked: You know what would make the world a wonderfully better place? If straight, white males like yourself just all collectively decided to slit your wrists and fucking kill yourselves like the shitlord trash you all are. Go drink more Starbucks and steal more of other race's cultures you entitled gigantic manbaby.

Who shit in your everything this morning? I’m not forcing you to read this blog, so I have no idea what you’re upset about there snowflake!

Thank you based Trigger for the best series I’ve seen in a while.

Thank you based Trigger for the best series I’ve seen in a while.



Rest in peace man.